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Synergy E5 / Re: Synergy E5 CC Talon 120 hv
« Last post by curmudgeon on September 21, 2017, 08:37:34 PM »
I have never seen a CC Talon 120 HV ESC, but I assume it has a 3-wire lead (orange/red/brown) and a 2-wire lead (red/brown).  If that is the case, the 2-wire lead is purely for BEC power, and the 3-wire lead does both BEC power and provides throttle signal via the orange wire (white for other ESCs).  You generally connect the 3-wire lead to the throttle port of the FBL unit.  Then you connect the 2-wire lead to an empty port on the FBL unit that can accept power.  Since the servo-type connector leads can only handle around 5A, connecting both leads (the 3-wire lead and the 2-wire lead) to the power rail of the FBL unit allows for more current to flow into the system due to redundancy.  However, if for whatever reason you decide not to use the Talon's internal BEC, you would have to remove the red wire from the 3-wire lead and not connect the 2-wire lead.
Synergy E5 / Re: Flight times for Scorpion 4035 560KV
« Last post by Cliff Chmiel on September 21, 2017, 08:06:08 PM »
And they auto better too
Synergy E5 / Synergy E5 CC Talon 120 hv
« Last post by Helikid42 on September 21, 2017, 07:49:46 PM »
I see that there are two leads that need to be connected to the receiver on this Talon 120. If I am correct, one is for the throttle port on receiver, and the red and black is for the bec to the receiver. Is this correct? Also, what receiver port for the bec lead? Thank you all for your support on this topic.
« Last post by Helikid42 on September 21, 2017, 04:36:39 PM »
I noticed there are two power leads coming off the Talon 120. The red and black lead, is this the BEC output? Also, what port should I put this lead in on my Spektrum AR7210bx. Thanx much for the information!
« Last post by Rodney Kirstine on September 21, 2017, 03:33:52 PM »
I use the Talon's BEC on my E5 super stretch.  I run 12S on it and haven't had any issues, at all.
« Last post by Helikid42 on September 21, 2017, 02:53:30 PM »
Just completed putting my Scorpion 4025-1100 motor in. Next is the CC Talon 120 HV. Now, since I will only be running 6S and no stretch on this awesome machine, will I need an external BEC?
Synergy N7 / Re: Wiped my n7 twice in a row [emoji29]
« Last post by Chris Sexton on September 21, 2017, 12:17:51 PM »

Sorry to hear you are having issues, vibs and questionable trust in the FBL can haunt any airframe for sure!

Reading through your post, sounds like the heli was flying well both times, just bail out caused issues.  Now the thing to keep in mind here, all rescue, bailout, pick your term, systems use accelerometers to control the auto level portion, not the gyros.  These Accelerometers are EXTREMELY sensitive to vibrations, of any kind. Even the smallest vibration that you and I would consider normal gear train can wreck these systems if the FBL isn't properly isolated from them.  Nitros add to that issue by default with the addition of the engine and it's normal vibs.  Even the best tuned, balanced, and broken in engine/drive train on a nitro will make more nominal vibrations than an electric.

That said, the noise in the tail could be a clue too.  Was this frame used?  Could the tail have been touched to the dirt at any time? Even a 0.001mm tweak on a shaft, really hard to see by eye, will cause the tail to buzz or vibrate at 9,500+ RPM. 

I know you are frustrated, and I know this post doesn't help much. But I encourage you to tune the heli to the FBL make it fly well, then consult your FBL OEM suggestions for vibration dampening on a nitro. Every FBL recommends something different.
Synergy N7 / Re: Wiped my n7 twice in a row [emoji29]
« Last post by Chuck Bole on September 21, 2017, 09:51:08 AM »
 Sorry you're having problems man. Was the vibration noise the same both times you heard it?  I don't have any experience with either of those FBL units, so not sure what to say there. Any chance a bent or tweaked shaft or hub or maybe grip might have been missed. I know i've missed things like that a time or two.

 It's been awhile since i had a N7 but after getting the engine tuned it was very smooth.

Synergy N7 / Wiped my n7 twice in a row [emoji29]
« Last post by ktmdiesel on September 21, 2017, 01:53:47 AM »
I don't know what is going on. I set it up the first time with ikon and got the viberations down to minimal. When trying to get rescue to work without shooting to the left, I accidently activated close to the ground and it planted in the dirt. I finally got parts and ordered an axon fbl because I'm scared of the ikon now. Had it flying very nice haven't had a chance to check vibes yet. Decided to try rescue for the first time and it flips upside and shoots into the ground.. I'm losing hope on this n7. I did hear a vibrating noise in the tail both times, but have set up everything perfect. I have built many helis before. I guess I am missing something on this heli or in the fbl programming. Has anyone had these issues?

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« Last post by Mark Dean on September 20, 2017, 08:42:13 PM »
I will second that. The existing system you have will be fine for your application. Save some cash and enjoy that E5 brother.
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