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Author Topic: E5 stretch advice  (Read 1950 times)

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Re: E5 stretch advice
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That is a excellent set up. Motor and blades will work just fine. Matt has made stretching very easy, in the synergy store is a stretch kit. You want the 626 stretch kit. This will allow you to run blades from 610 to 626.

You can try the 95's but you may prefer the 105's less you increase the tail ratio. Depends on how hard you fly.

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Hey Chris,
I bought the 600 stretch kit, not the 626 kit, so does this mean I can go up to 609mm blades?  In other words, I couldn't use the Cyclone 615mm blades but I can use the Rail 606s?  Thanks for confirming what I suspect the answer to be.


I wouldn’t try longer than 606/106. 712mm cumulative total.

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