Below is a list of pilots that represent Synergy R/C Helicopters and Botos Design & Distribution. This group of men are here to help with questions or issues regarding Synergy products. Click on the image of the pilot for the email address where you can reach each pilot for assistance. We are always looking for enthusiastic hobbyists that are skilled in building and maintaining R/C Helicopters as well as professional and safe pilots. If you feel you have what it takes to be a member of Team Synergy please send your hobby experience resume to Matt Botos

Rob Cherry – Factory Pilot USA

Josh Moen - Factory Pilot

Josh Moen – Factory Pilot USA

Chris Sexton - Synergy Consultant

Chris Sexton – Factory Specialist

Kevin Feil - Newnan, Ga

Kevin Feil – Factory Specialist

Ross Lawton - UK

Ross Lawton – Factory Specialist UK

Bill Kervaski - Factory Specialist

Bill Kervaski – Factory Specialist


Pete Campbell - Factory Pilot

Pete Campbell – Factory Pilot USA


James Dargue – Factory Pilot

Braulio Lorenzo - Factory Pilot Brasil

Braulio Lorenzo – Factory Pilot Brasil

Mike Trueblood - Synergy Consultant

Mike Trueblood – Factory Specialist


James Mineo – Factory Specialist



Darren Lee - Georgia

Darren Lee – Georgia


Chuck Bole - Oklahoma

Chuck Bole – Oklahoma


Jean-Luc Bolduc - Montreal, Canada

Jean-Luc Bolduc – Montreal, Canada

Yanick Larouche - Montreal

Yanick Larouche – Montreal, Canada

Stephane Giguere - Montreal, Canada

Stepane Giguere – Montreal, Canada

Tommy Spencer

Tommy Spencer – Florida

Tommy Wagner - Florida

Tommy Wagner – Florida

Will Campbell - Crowley, Texas

Will Campbell – Crowley, Texas


Jon Wykoff - Florida

Jon Wykoff – Florida

John Rohrbaugh

John Rohrbaugh – Texas

Joshua Kussman

Joshua Kussman – Nebraska

John Miceli - Pennsylvania

John Miceli – Pennsylvania

Drew Robinson

Drew Robinson – Connecticut

Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson – Alabama



Shane Butler – Australia